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Prototypes in a Day – A New Service from Anidea Engineering

Tags: engineering, design, inventor, prototype, news, startup, product development, entrepreneurship

Have you ever just had an idea stuck in your head that you just had to get out? If only you had the right skills, tools and equipment you could bring your idea to life The good news is that at Anidea, we do!

Outsourcing & Offshoring Manufacturing in Asia

Tags: inventor, startup, product development, entrepreneurship, Business, outsourcing and offshoring

On October 20th 2016, Gabriel Goldstein, Chief Product Designer of Anidea Engineering, the expert in product development, had a great talk with David Alexander, the President of BaySource Global, the expert in business process outsourcing and offshoring, to discuss preparation steps and common issues when outsourcing in Asia, especially China.

How the Sausage Gets Made?

Tags: engineering, videos, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering

We love building things and we love watching machines move. Here are some of our latest favorites from the web to brighten up your day.

Book Report – The E Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

Tags: inventor, product development, entrepreneurship, Book Report

Classic story of entrepreneurship and how to build a scalable business, if you want to.

What is the Escape Room?

Tags: escape room electronics

It was a rare event when, in 1982, a series of Escape Room video games could turn into its own adventure, marking the great revolution, from a point-and-click video game to an incredible physical adventure game in which players could physically experience an entirely new concept of recreation. How wonderful is that?

Escape Room Electronics – A Division of Anidea Engineering

Tags: escape room electronics

Embracing the concept of the Escape Game room and taking advantage of our capabilities in product design, Anidea was inspired by the evolution of the escape game room in the entertainment industry. We promptly formed a new division creating escape game electronics and props to fulfill our clients’ needs.

5 Tips for your Wireless Product Design

Tags: PCB, design, wireless

Wireless systems (Radio Frequency) are everywhere and they are here to stay. The advancements of wireless technologies have enabled much of the connected world we experience today. And it would be great to leverage the existing technology for your product, but the problems are many between different standards, geographical locations and cost. Thanks to a few brilliant minds over the course of the last hundred years or so, wireless technologies have become ubiquitous, but that hardly means they have become easy. Yes, there are many options out there that make things ‘easy’, but those easy things come at a cost which involves compromises on cost and/or capability.

6 Tips for Your Crowd Funded Hardware Design

Tags: inventor, crowdfunding, hardware design

It would be pretty tough these days not to notice some of the latest products being promoted and funded on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms. They make it look as simple as having a good idea, make a video, and raise a million dollars. Done! Not so fast.

5 Cool Engineering Machine Videos to Make You Smile

Tags: engineering, videos, mechanical engineering

We love building things and we love watching machines move. Here are some of our latest favorites from the web to brighten up your day.

When You Need A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Designed

Tags: PCB, design, product development, hardware design, good tips

Electronics are a fact of many products that get designed these days. Due to their nature, they are an extremely powerful tool, but generally not appreciated by most. There are many reasons why you may need to have a printed circuit board (PCB) designed. You may have a small project which a PCB may help with assembly or you may be producing 10,000 units of a product you’ve designed and you need the electronics to ‘make it all work’.

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