Services Overview

Tech Prop Construction and Programming

Escape Room Techs has its roots in engineering and prototyping.  When you need props that require tight electronic and mechanical integration and construction, Escape Room Techs has the expertise, in house, to design anything you can dream up.

We are proficient working with metal, wood, plastics, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.  When a mechanism need to move, electronics need to be lined up just right, or when the complexity exceeds what pencil and paper, we have you covered.

Room Programming and Configuration

We love it when a room comes together.  This is where we really shine. Since our parent company, Anidea Engineering became involved in escape rooms, we’ve been working to produce a room control system that is easy to install and easy to manage.  

Escape Room Techs has partnered with Mythric Mystery Master (M3 for short) to create the first plug and play, turn-key prop and room control system.  It integrates a myriad of protocols and boasts an advanced game master system. Escape room operators can run more efficient, higher quality experiences improving their bottom line.

On-Site Service

The worst scenario for escape room owners is when a room is down.  It can rapidly generate $1000s in losses, worsening the situation the longer it goes on.  Whether it be a player damaging a prop, a handyman who helped too much, or an unforeseen electronic death, we can get your room back up and running quickly.


We have experience in tech room installation.  We will travel to your location and install tech packages for you.  We will install our tech, and we will work with other quality materials and electronics from other vendors.  

Volume Room and Prop Builders

If you are looking for that professional level organization to improve your escape game.. game, you've come to the right place.  If you are in the business of building rooms and props for the escape room industry, Escape Room Techs has the products and support to up your escape room game.  


When you are building an escape room business, hire the  professionals at Escape Room Techs to get your tech done right the first time. Get in touch now.