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Bad ASS Event System

Bad ASS Event System

Starting with firmware version 1.7.1, the Bad ASS Controller includes a powerful event system which is capable of being triggered by many different events throughout gameplay, inputs, or external network commands.

Would you like a sound to play when you press a button? That can be an event. You can add that door creek sound when a contact on a door opens. Other events are game-related like solve, reset, enable, unsolved, etc. Some games include other special events as well, like when a particular RFID tag is identified.

So what can you do in an event?

The event system supports almost a dozen different commands for each event, and you can have up to five commands in each event sequence. The commands are instructions like turn relays on, turn outputs off, set neopixel outputs, play a sound, play a Sprite file, send network command, or pause. Event sequences can also trigger other events sequences, sequences like auto-reset can easily be implemented by calling the reset sequence from within the solve sequence after a wait time.

In case you hadn't noticed, the new Bad ASS Controller can be ordered with an integrated audio player. It includes a 2x20 watt audio amplifier.

Sprite video players can be triggered from events and remote network events as well.

There is a Serial LED engine (Neopixel) included in the new firmware.. Up to five channels can be configured. Currently, block coloring is supported; much more to come.

For those of you who want the awesome interface, but don’t want room control, you can configure all of this and then disconnect the network and it all still works. (Of course we recommend keeping your Bad ASS Controller connected to M3, Houdini, Escape Room Master, or the like.)

There has never been anything like this in the escape room industry. Previously, to get these kind of features, you had to program your own Arduino or Raspberry Pi, and learn to be an awesome programmer (if you weren't already). Now you can do it with a point-and-click web Browser interface. And that is why this controller is Badass.


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