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Dear Escape Game Owners,

Dear Escape Game Owners,

lots-of-locks-sm.jpgCongratulations!  You have joined the latest entertainment craze by running an Escape Room!  So many things to do.  Find a location, deal with inspectors, marketing, and oh yeah, build your escape rooms! Starting a new business is a tough enough venture by itself and everyone comes at it from different angles.

Sometimes you are the sole proprietor.  Maybe you’ve come from corporate America or have had some other mid-level job, and you are looking for something new and exciting to sink your teeth in to.  An escape room may be a fun new way to gain the independence you’ve been looking for.

You may be the business person.  You look out in the landscape of opportunities and you notice the craze in escape rooms.  You seize the opportunity.  Perhaps you buy a franchise.  Perhaps you have a vision to grow your own empire.

Or you could be the technician.  You love puzzles, you love to build, you love to create. You have this creative vision for everything that could be done.  You love the details and you desire to show the world what you can do and make a few bucks along the way.

The honest truth is that none of these people have everything it takes to open and run an escape room out of the box.  At some point in time, everyone will need, something that they can’t provide themselves or with their team and will need outside expertise.  We aim to be that resource in some capacity for these roles.

For the sole proprietor, we provide supportive technical services.  Maybe you just need a tech prop, some wiring, or controls.  We can do that.  Let us know what you need, and we’ll show you how we can help.  We will fill in the gaps in your tech.  We are also available for consultation.

For the business person, we provide turnkey technology installation.  We will build your tech props, show up, install it, and support it.  We provide a comprehensive of controllers and sensors.  Also, we will work with quality tech that we did not develop as required.

For the technician, we provide industry targeted tools and resources for you to execute your vision.  No more are the days of starting from scratch with YouTube videos and hacker shops.  We will start you off with industrial quality, maintainable controllers and sensors, and the software frameworks to customize our products with your vision.  We provide a consistent platform to minimize the learning curve (by leveraging the familiar Arduino programming platform) and a modular set of hardware for easy and professional maintenance and installation.

We have developed this store here to serve you.  If you are look pieces parts to build for your own development, check out our FX350 and other development boards and sensors.  We also have preprogramed kits for room and prop control.  These provide a ‘happy out of box experience’ for those who would rather not program and just want to build the prop and not worry so much about programming.  And if you would rather have the full turn-key service, take a look around at what we do and our portfolio then give us a call or write and we’ll work you up a custom proposal for your rooms.

Why Anidea?

We have been in the technology business and have been developing electronics and tech for the entertainment industry for over 18 years.  With the advent of the escape room industry, we refocused our efforts here.  We have developed a line of controllers and sensors and systems capable of running most any type of tech prop.  These optimized set of devices targeted for the industry provide the familiarity of Arduino programming with electrical engineer expertise incorporating EMI/ESD protection, control level signaling, and the ability to run lights, maglock, and other devices directly.  Each prop can look like a professionally designed system instead of a science/hacker project.  And if you are volume user like a prop builder or themer, you will really appreciate the modularity, high quality pluggable connectors, and enclosure options (DIN, surface mount, box).

Anidea is the expert in escape game electronics systems.

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