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Introducing the Bad ASS Controller

Introducing the Bad ASS Controller

vincent_and_jules_by_picca27-d7xiis0How else can I say, it, our Bad ASS Controller is pretty cool. The name came pretty honestly. I was watching one of our developers show off some of the initial functionality, and said, “That is badass.” And then the name was born. Now I know I don’t say that word very much, but it was just the way I felt while watching this idea come to life.

Ok, so what is the Bad ASS Controller you must be asking yourself at this point. For the last few years, pretty much as soon as we entered the escape room electronics business, we have been focused on networking, room integration, and control as a means to increase the integration of props, reduce wiring, and handle the cases for when things do go wrong. It’s been a solid ride. Additionally, we’ve built lots of games for ER owners and builders. Everything from simple sequence games to integrated, multi-prop, multi-tech, centrally managed rooms. The Bad ASS Controller brings all of this together into a simple web browser interface. That is just badass.

I’ve seen at least a few different game controllers out there. Every single one (I’ve seen) requires some convoluted button mashing or low end interface to setup your games. And once you do, none of them (I’ve seen) will talk to any room control software. If you’ve been reading my blogs for any amount of time, you know I’m all about two things.

  1. Safety/quality.
  2. Room Control.

The Bad ASS Controller addresses both of these principals.

So first, the Bad ASS Controller (BAC) has a web interface. This is not to say that it needs the Internet. It does not. A local application is run on your computer which discovers all of the BACs on the network. What kind of application do you need for a Bad ASS Controller? What else? A Bad ASS Manager (BAM!). Once the BAM is running, you can even configure the BAC from a smartphone. I know what you are thinking. That is pretty badass.

Second, the BAC has a plethora of games in it, that are configurable, and growing all of the time. Sequence games, RFID Games, knob games, etc. If you don’t see your game configuration in the manual, and it’s a simple variation, we may even add it for you for little or no cost.

Bad-ass-controller-topCheck out our Bad ASS Controller

Lastly, all of the games integrate room control and communications to the popular game controller softwares like Mythric Mystery Master, ERM, Houdini, Clue Control, etc. If you have a prop in play, you should know what it’s doing and have the ability to help a player out when they need it.

We’re not done either. We are working on audio/video triggers, integrated sound, telephone prop integration, and many more game styles and variations. We are going to continue to keep the BAC earning it’s badass name.

Note: We are aware badass is one word. ASS is an acronym. We aren’t saying for what.