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Little Escape Game Prop Controller

Little Escape Game Prop Controller

This was our first controller we made for the escape room industry. It started our entire line of FX series of controllers which are more capable now that ever and include Ethernet networking for monitoring, control, and overrides.  

The escape game industry has made great use out of small development platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi. They are easy to use for novices and there are many resources available from the communities. The biggest problem with them for entry level users is that you need to build a support board, or rig up wires and prototype boards to control the world around them, unless you are lucky enough to find the perfect "shield" for your application.

Escape Room Techs has created the FX300 to address many of these problems. It is a ready to go prop controller targeted for the escape game industry. It is everything you need to control the game, and reward, for many small to medium sized electronic props. It integrates 5 analog inputs, 2 relay outputs (normally closed and open contacts), and a magnetic sensor. All the inputs are protected for ESD (the shock when you rub your feet on carpet that kills electronics). The relays can support driving 100W AC lights or 1A low voltage mag-locks or the like. It’s all powered with an Arduino processor for easy programming.

The FX300 comes in two flavors, a bare bones controller for small props, and a fully populated version for larger ones. They have the same functionality, the only difference is the population of two headers and a relay (which you can add later yourself because they are thru-hole parts)!

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Feature Bare (No Headers or Relays) Minimum Full
Power 6-26V DC Same Same
Analog/Digital Inputs 6 2, (0-12V) 6
Digital Outputs 6 1, .5A 6
Relay Outputs 2 Land Patterns 1, 250VAC @ 10A 2, 250VAC @ 10A
Hall Sensor 1 Same Same


All boards are programmable just like any other Arduino board, via a USB port (uses FTDI converter).

  • AEI FX300 Minimum
    AEI FX300 Minimum
  • AEI FX300 Full
    AEI FX300 Full

AEI FX300 Introduction Video

Order The AEI FX300 Now!


  1. AEI FX300 Datasheet
  2. Sample Games and FX Framework on Github (sequence detector, patch game, room controller)
  3. Arduino Library

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