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Our Indestructible Knobs are F***ing Great!

Our Indestructible Knobs are F***ing Great!

Escape rooms are harsh environments for props. Players do things in rooms that they normally would not even consider doing in their home, or the homes of their friends. For some reason, when they get into a room they paid to enter, some people do not think twice about causing damage in pursuit of ‘the game.’ Alternatively, sometimes props and games aren’t designed and built well resulting in players getting frustrated and using more force than is necessary and breaking props and other decorative items in the room.

indestructible-knob-frontAngle-691476-editedWe are consistently working hard to help address these problems. As you may know, we entered this industry as an engineering company and so we tend to solve problems from that perspective. We are not limited by thinking about what we can buy off the shelf, repurpose, or adapt. When necessary, we create something new and design it to meet the requirements and specifications we think a product needs. And the Indestructible Knob was born through this process.

Our Indestructible Knobs are freaking great. Yes, this may be a bold claim to sell a product in to an escape room, but these are not your father’s knobs.

First, they are engineered from stainless steel 304 and nylon 6/6. The combination of these materials provide significant strength and a smooth rotational feel. Our 200lb mechanical engineer bolted one down and stood on the knob. It worked just fine afterwards. (He gave up on his diet.)

Second, the electronic sensing components don’t ever come in contact with the mechanical components. The back part of the knob (hidden in most pictures) holds a magnet. Our FX51 boards can detect the position of this magnet and trigger a contact based on position or produce pulse based on position or speed (for the PLC people out there). Additionally, multiple FX51SEN boards can be used with a FX51D to correlate the position of many knobs and product a single output.

I'm not afraid of knobs in escape games anymore. Get the knobs!

Our knobs have been used in crank games, valve games, radio props, etc. When we ask ER owners and room developers if they have a problem with knobs in their rooms, we usually get one of two answers.

1. Yes!

2. We don’t use knobs.

Well now there is a solution, and now you can use knobs/valves/cranks to use in your room. You’re welcome.

And now, your moment of zen…

Looking good Pop Pop!


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