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Escape Game

Dear Escape Game Owners,

Tags: mechanical engineering, escape room electronics, electrical engineering, products

Dear Escape Game Owners, Congratulations! You have joined the latest entertainment craze by running an Escape Room! So many things to do. Find a location, deal with inspectors, marketing, and oh yeah, build your escape rooms! Starting a new business is a tough enough venture by itself and everyone comes at it from different angles.

Escape Game Prop Control System

Tags: good tips, escape room electronics, products

As the Escape Room industry has evolved, technology has been a key driver in creating higher quality and automated experiences. While Gen 1 games with all locks and keys have a retro feel, they limit the immersive experiences ER operators want to create to serve their market demand. There are a few major ways technology has contributed to the ER experience and prop construction has been a key factor.

Radio conversation about Escape Rooms and Product Development with Gabriel Goldstein

Tags: news, SCORE, Business

Listen to our CEO, Gabriel Goldstein, talk about working with SCORE and the struggles and rewards of owning your own business.

Escape Room Prop Portfolio

Tags: manufacturing, escape room electronics, products

See what we've built! Escape Room Prop Portfolio

Advanced RFID System for Escape Games

Tags: escape room electronics, products, RFID

RFID and escape games seem to go hand in hand. The appearance of magic and automation goes a long way into the overall quality of the experience, as opposed to combination and code locks which may not fit your story line. Learn about our AEI FX1000 and AEI FX200

Escape Room Wiring (2 of 2) DC

Tags: good tips, escape room electronics, electrical engineering

Helpful guide to wiring your escape room. 2 part blog. This entry covers AC Mains power.

6 Input Prop Controller Kit

Tags: escape room electronics, products, kit

Escape Game Prop Kit. Up to 6 inputs with sequence and patch cable games for free!

Escape Room Wiring (1 of 2) AC

Tags: good tips, escape room electronics, electrical engineering

Helpful guide to wiring your escape room. 2 part blog. This entry covers AC mains power.

A Role of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in Escape Room Games

Tags: wireless, escape room electronics, RFID

In October 2016, Anidea Engineering (Anidea) had an opportunity to collaborate with America’s Escape Games (AEG), who is a premier developer and franchiser of escape games in Orlando, FL. Anidea was hired to develop and install electronic props. The major technology we used in this project was RFID, Radio-Frequency Identification. Anidea leveraged the technology to create a network of sensors to monitor various game pieces throughout several props and integrated them into themed components. With RFID and our electronics, the props fit perfectly in the game and work like magic.

Why Reed Switches Suck (in Escape Games)

Tags: escape room electronics, products

Ok, to be fair, it’s not the reed switches fault. They get put into situations that are far less than ideal for them to live in their glory. Yes, they can be very reliable in well-defined environment like a reed relay and or other well controlled switching equipment, but put them in an uncontrolled environment of a live escape game, then we have problems.

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