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Transworld 2018!

Transworld 2018!




Escape Room Techs has it's biggest public debut at Transworld 2018 and it was a blast.  The response from new and old customers was amazing.  There were so many names we knew and now have faces to go with them.  Gabriel Goldstein, our Chief Escape Tech, was personally very thrilled to stand and talk to people for 4 days about what he and the team had been building over the last few years.  People were excited about some of the stuff and that was great to see.

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If you were there, here is a recap.  If you weren't, here is what you missed:

Contact-less rotational detection

The combination of a hockey puck, a special magnet, a sensor, and our software, we created a contact-less combination lock.  The same technology is going into our new FX51-D which will allow a network of up to 16 sensors to detect rotational or axial position, and create knobs that can't break off. 



When you want to make a puzzle look like magic, RFID is the way to go.  This demo uses our new FX450 and networks 4 FX200 RFID readers together.  In this demo, when all 4 pucks are placed, it stops the timer in Houdni MC.   

Room Controller

Our room controller kit is designed for Escape Room Manager, but can be used with other room control systems as well.  It integrates a wall mountable plate with lights and buttons and connects to a FX350.  The buttons are used to start the intro video and start the timer.  Other props can be wired in and managed.  When the exit door is opened, the timer stops.


Electrical Panel

While we aren't known for our stock prop work, sometimes we can make them extra cool.  This electrical panel uses our FX10 to read all of the breaker positions.  It actually can run as two puzzles at once.  We then use the FX10 to drive the FX350 and it controls the lights and manages the network connection.

Simple Sequence Game

This is a great starting place for a someone who wants to learn to code and use the FX350.  Using our open source firmware on github, after a little configuration, you have a sequence game or any of the other open source games we provide.  And it all works with Escape Room Master, Houdini MC, Clue Control, M3, or MQTT right out of the box (all of our props do in fact).

FX51-A Hall Sensor Demo

An update to our classic hall sensor solution, because 'reed switches suck', this prop illustrates discrimination of 4 different magnets and an 8-track just for fun using our FX51-A.  New features include switch configuration and additional output protection. 

Presentation at Transworld

Tech Talk: The Room Escape Industry is Shifting - Are You Ready?

Gabriel Goldstein, our Chief Escape Room Tech, had the privilege to present a tech class along side Brian Warner, owner of Evilusions and Brandon Kelm, Founder of Escape Techs & Automation Engineer at
Evilusions.  You can download the pdf with the link above.

More Info

If you'd like to learn more about us, here is the video you couldn't hear at the show.


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