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TransWorld 2020: Escape Room Conference and More...

TransWorld 2020: Escape Room Conference and More...

TransWorld2020Banner-blog-featured Well here we go again!  As we start to prepare for the 2020 Transworld show, we couldn’t help reviewing last year's show performance.  While I personally wasn’t part of the team last year, the team spent quite a bit of time giving me the deets.

Transworld in case you’re not familiar is a major entertainment industry trade show that has in previous years had a focus on Escape Rooms, Halloween and Christmas events.  Over the last few years the show has been blurring the lines between all kinds of entertainment genres. This merger of genres brings together some of the most interesting top exhibitors and best products in all of the industry at any show.

The show was pivotal for us last year with many new products. The guys told me showing off the wide array of technologies that we engineer in 'real world scenarios' generated lots of interest and praise.  They were excited at times by all the great configuration questions everyone had regarding our “One controller rules them all '', Bad ASS Controller and its possibilities. I was told we sold out of all the products we brought to the show; incredible.

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If you’d like to take a look at some of what we presented during last years show check out our Chief escape room tech, Gabriel Goldstein here on our Facebook page with a walk through.

This year's show promises to be more of the same with lots of new products and  demonstrations. Come talk to us! You know you want to! Escape Room Techs will have some of it’s best tech engineers at the show.  Ask the hard questions, we can handle it. See how we can help make your escape room the best experience it could be.  

Look for us at Transworld 2020, March 19th to the 22nd, booth #3315.  We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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