Services for Volume Prop and Room Builders

If you are in the business of building rooms and props for the escape room industry, Escape Room Techs has the products and support to up your escape room game.

Using Escape Room Techs as the technology behind your props is a sound business decision. Sometimes there is resistance from technicians.

The Ultimate Solution

Escape Room Techs has partnered with Mythric Studios, the creator of Mythric Mystery Master, or M3. The combination of these products facilitates plug and play operation of most every device an escape room operator needs from prop control, automation, audio, video, and lighting. Oh, and it runs multiple rooms on a single game master computer.

Additional features of our solution:

System Level Benefits

  • Phone and email support from experienced engineers to get you going and keep you going
  • Ethernet for integration and room control for system reset, force solve and prop monitoring
  • Reduce install wiring saves time and money at startup
  • Plug-n-play operation reduces technical knowledge requirements
  • Remote prop management allows upgrades and debugging remotely (coming soon!)

FX450 Controller Features

  • Easy swap of controllers due to pluggable headers
  • Industrial voltage levels with protected inputs
  • Protected outputs which can drive lights, etc.
  • Leverages open source software

M3 Features

  • New, focused game master screen
  • Various scoring systems
  • Supports multiple monitors with various content
  • Integrates with DMX, MQTT, Z-Wave, Philips Hue, and more
  • Integration

Your customers count on you, count on the  professionals at Escape Room Techs to get your tech done right the first time. Get in touch now.

Comparison of other solutions

Arduino and Pi Users

If you are currently using Arduino or Pi based controllers, utilizing our FX line of controllers (FX450 and F350) becomes a very easy business decision. Our systems and products reduce the time your staff spends cobbling electronics and assembly, and increases reliability.

In the hobby/Arduino paradigm, 2 hours of tech time plus the cost of the components from Sparkfun or Adafruit (2*30/hr) + $30 in parts = $90. The FX350 is $90, and has more capability and increased reliability due to less manual connections, professional engineering practices, and the construction in an ISO 9001 factory, in the US.

We do not use or recommend the use of Pi controllers. They are the epitome of hobby hardware and do not meet our quality standards. In cases where that capability is required, we utilize commercially available embedded PCs (usually Atom based) to fill these roles. ;They are far more reliable, commoditized, and can be used in much of the same way as Raspberry Pi controllers.

PLC Users

PLCs are great! If you are running a factory! In all seriousness, yes, PLCs are used frequently in entertainment venues, and they have been hyped as the high end control mechanism, but they are very generic controllers. They work best for simple logic, and control, and timing. Escape rooms have a few other requirements such as audio, lighting, and video which most PLCs (yes, there are some very expensive systems that will handle these types of peripherals) cannot handle.  Also, many may have issues with interfacing with more complicated RFID type communications and logic.

There are few experts in the escape room industry who do a good job of integrating all of these components in creating custom solutions for their customers.

Escape Room Techs delivers more capable, quality solutions, at a lesser price point.

Your customers count on you, count on the  professionals at Escape Room Techs to get your tech done right the first time. Get in touch now.